Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Rapperrz spellen' tings' stupidlie

Since the early days of hip hop, rappers have proclaimed their street cred by using z's instead of s's. For a while album titles had a lot of thugZ, bitcheZ and dogZ and that Z alone was enough to quench an appetite for "street" spelling. However, people soon became bored with this and craved a more extreme form of spelling, one that would blow the minds of countdown watchers and scrabble players everywhere. Take Nwa's "Bytches for life" for example. Hip Hop often uses phonetic spelling but Dre and co. have got it all wrong here. Bitches is far closer to its phonetic pronunciation than bytches. "Bytches" pales in comparison, however, with Krayzie Bone's 1991 single. His name gives you some indication that this guy's a real spelling maverick, a renegade. His single "kneight riduz wuz here" is possibly the most illiterate song title ever. I mean its such a conscious effort to misspell every word. In fairness to Mr.Bone though , he left the word "here" be.

All that aside, enjoy this weird kid doing little bow wow.

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