Monday, February 18, 2008

The Magic of Karl Pilkington

For anyone who doesn't know who Karl Pilkington is yet, I will offer a brief explanation. Karl Pilkington, is the producer of, and contributor to, the Ricky Gervais Xfm Radio show. He is, by his own admission, extremely simple and has an obssesion with anything weird especially "freaks" and monkeys. It is as if Karl sees the world through the eyes of a five year old. I think the following statement from his wikipedia page best describes him;
"It was Karl himself who best summed up his worldview: "I don't like fun". He is not a fan of holidays, parties, traveling, or anything that has to be planned in advance. Maintaining relationships with family and friends is a tremendous hassle for him. He is also largely indifferent to some of life's great pleasures, like sex and music.However, If there's anything that fascinates Karl more than monkeys, it's freaks. His favourite film is The Elephant Man, and his prized posession is a little book of freaks from FHM which he carries everyhwere. Karl is extremely gullible and believes all urban myths no matter how implausible.
It was out of this interest that Cheeky Freak of the Week was born, in 2003. Similar in format to Monkey News(in which he tells improbable stories about monkeys which frequently apply strictly human attributes to primates),it involved Karl informing Ricky and Steve about a freak he'd discovered. Karl was always keen to stress that the feature wasn't "having a go" or "taking the Mick", it was to make people think, about what it would be like to have that deformity, what would the pros and cons be, etc.

As well as his specific views, ideas and philosophies, Karl also has a unique way of speaking. Karl's idiolect is made up of old-fashioned sayings (eg. "have it away"), Mancunian slang (eg. "knockin' about"), and correct English that has been misspoken (eg. "squoze")."

There is some speculation as to whether Karl is made up or not, but Steve Merchant and Gervais always strongly deny this. Personally, I originally thought he was fake but after listening to hours of his podcasts(its very addictive) I am finding it increasingly difficult to see him as a fictional character.


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