Wednesday, December 5, 2007

For once Ray Hudson is overshadowed

Apparently, the main commentator is Argentinian but he just sounds like a North American doing a really bad impression of a South American commentator.
"Golaco Goooooooaaaaaaallllll Juan Rrrrrrrroman Rrrrrrrequilme. Argentina 1 chilay 0.
Argentina 2 Argentina 2 Argentina 2 Ar-Gent-Ina 2 Chilay 0"
Special mention has to go to Ray Hudson for comparing Riquelme to every form of art.
"Poet of the game", "Benini sculpture of a goal", "its a majesterial hit by an artist" " An absolute concerto goal"
Also, how can you win World cup player of the year for your performances in the Copa America?

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Hudsonland said...

Actually, that's Pablo Alsina, who is from Argentina. Last i checked that was in South America.