Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Why is growing a beard embarrassing?

Have you ever noticed that people always poke fun at lads when they start to grow a beard? "Did you forget to shave", ", "What's with the beard" and " what's that hanging from your chin?" , are common invectives centred at guys when in the early stages of beard growth. When someone is growing a beard they are often patronisingly asked "Awh are you trying to grow a beard?" As if there's some skill involved and as if the beardee(a new phrase i invented, like employeee) might be so incomptent that he will fail in the attempt. Many do give up at an early stage, not due to inability to grow a beard but due to the constant abuse. Whats amazing is that once the beard is fully grown it's fine, noone says anything. People instantly forget the whole embarrassing transition stage between clean shaven and neanderthal man. It's as if they think its possible to grow a beard over night. In Golden Discs employees are allowed to have a full beard or be clean shaven. How can the poor staff at Golden Discs grow a beard then? Personally I don't think a beard would suit me so I don't bother with them but my heart goes out to the staff at Golden Discs. If you feel the same way please go to this website www.NoMoreBeardOppressionAtGoldenDiscs.ie. Thank you.
P.s If you thought that was a real link you're an idiot.


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